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Automate the process of employment data verification of your current and former employees.

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Reduce manual intervention on data verification of employees with Lystproof!


Make former employees background verification easy for your HR. Import your employee details to Lystproof and maintain the employment status. The ex-employee employment verification can be approved by your HR in a single click instead of spending time to scrap the old data. How many HRs change, the data maintenance and verification is easy!

Employment Data Verification
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The employees' education and employment track can be maintained which they can keep as a gold standard for their verifications in future. The employees can also request their current and previous organizations to approve and verify their employment status in Lystproof. By this way, the profile of an individual is up-to-date as well as easy data verification for employers.

Employment Verification

Cut off manual intervention for employee data verification. The background check organizations will be able to complete the verification in just 2 steps. Submit the data verification request for employment or education via Lystproof, and then get it approved by the respective organization’s HR.

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